It’s hard to fall off the load if you never leave the ground


Every year many accidents occur related to drivers tarping their flatbed loads, and most of these accidents require significant time loss. Some create permanent disabilities and a few even lead to death. Although the monetary cost of an accident can be very high, making sure everyone goes home safe at the end of the day is the most important concern to all.

The Powered Truck Tarping System is manufactured by U.S. Metal Works to minimize the time-consuming and dangerous task of laying out tarps on top of loads. It enables a single user to tarp a load and never leave the ground. It doesn’t get any safer than that.

The system is a proven design of heavy-duty construction with oversize motors and drives, requiring very low maintenance. It lifts and spreads up to 60 feet of tarp in one operation. Because of the simplicity of design and operation, minimal training is required for operation.

The basic system consists of the bridge and drive rails. In many cases this system can be installed in your existing building. Additional options include a support frame that could be erected in your existing building or stand-alone, and a complete package that comes with bridge, rails, and a pre-engineered metal building. This system is often purchased and placed near an exiting truck traffic lane. The standard system is operated with a pendent control but is also available with a wireless remote control.

Be the next company to post a sign saying “Drivers not allowed on loads”.


Our System

  • Fastest, most efficient system available
  • Lifts and spreads up to 60 feet of tarp in one operation
  • Laps and spreads two tarps in one operation
  • Engineered for reliability with simplicity in design
  • Heavy duty construction with oversize motors and drives
  • Reduces labor costs through driver system operation
  • Maximizes number of trucks tarped per day
  • Eliminates exposure to fall incidents and claims
  • Proven system manufactured and installed for 20+ years


  • Bridge assembly with drive rails
  • Installation in existing building
  • Support structure and bridge assembly
  • Covered support structure and bridge assembly
  • Pendent control or wireless remote control

Tarping_Building Tarping_Existing

Inspection Services

U.S. Tarping Systems offers annual inspection services to ensure that your Tarping System maintains its optimal level of performance along with OSHA compliance. Inspection services are available for newly purchased systems or for existing U.S. Tarping Systems installations.

Click on the image below for a flyer detailing our inspection services.